The SignTech Paperless Forms platform provides a quick and easy way to help large and small organisations eradicate paper based business processes by replacing them with quick, simple and natural paperless alternatives


Upload your forms

Upload your forms in any format to our system, and we will re-create its mobile version for further completion

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Complete and Sign

Complete and sign your digitalised forms and contracts via any mobile device using the SignTech Mobile App

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Send & Integrate

The signed and filled forms are sent back to you and data can be integrated directly into any of your business systems.

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You upload your forms to our platform and we convert them into a format that can be used by our mobile platform. Our conversion process ensures that the completed form looks exactly the same as the original version.

Once your form has been completed, you are emailed a PDF version of the signed form. We can also integrate all the data entered into your form with your existing business systems.


Mobile Application

Your customers, partners or employees download one of our mobile apps and can start completing your forms immediately. The applications provide extensive data validation helping to improve the accuracy of the information entered into your forms.


Now, thanks to the SignTech digital form builder, all the business forms you need can be carried with you on your tablet, Smartphone or iPad and completed in-situ, thereby eliminating the need for paper altogether. Once complete, the paperless business forms can be made legally binding with a digital signature entered using any touch screen device. Your completed paperless business forms, with e-signature, can then be sent to your office for processing.


Make your business future a paperless future by replacing your paper forms with SignTech’s paperless business forms and e-signature technology. Use the form below to sign up for FREE and get a paperless mobile form that enables you to take the first steps towards a future with paperless business solutions.

Key Benefits


  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase customer channels
  • Reduce errors
  • Legally binding
  • Green, Environmentally Friendly
  • Mobile presence

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Faster processes, reduce costs

SignTech creates a paperless environment for your office, and customers. By using SignTech you will benefit from a faster business processes by managing your paper-based forms electronically. Forget about printing and scanning, simply enjoy the benefits of SignTech.

On the other hand since the completed data gets directly integrated into your system. Therefore you can save up to 80% of the time taken by paper-based form management. This means that you can eliminate the costs of paper and printing as well!

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Signtech app on iPad

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