4 advantages of using digital forms

Paperwork has been always been a hassle for businesses, ever industry uses forms to drive their workflow and regulate their processes. Enterprises find themselves drowning in paper, and spending an unnecessary amount on managing the paperwork. The SignTech Paperless Solution, allows your business to adopt a digital office with ease. Rid your business of the clutter of paperwork, and start creating digital forms while cutting costs and improving efficiency. The digital office is a more sustainable approach to document management, but apart from saving paper and money let’s look at four other key advantages of using digital forms and adopting a paperless digital office.

  1. Remote working

Digital forms allow your team to work on a single document from different locations. The paperless office is cloud based, this means all your forms and data can be accessed from any location. This especially comes in handy when you need customers to collaborate on forms, or when you need their signature. You can speed up the process and serve your customers more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Easy to route

Updates on the form can be made by as many people needed, and by using a workflow system it can all be automated. Employees can receive a notification whenever a form has been updated or needs to be filled. The electronic signature feature, gives your team the ability to have forms signed from any location. Imagine you need your supervisors’ approval or a customer to sign the form, this can all be done remotely with a paperless office. Having all your forms on the cloud also means there is less risk of misplacing your documents, you can access your archive with ease and locate your files.

  1. Automated calculations

When using an electronic form to create an invoice or order, you can set it up in such a way that calculations can be made automatically. This can aid in eliminating errors being made, calculations for time, quantity, price, tax, and more can be made easily and accurately. It may seem like a simple task, but saving a couple minutes for every calculation can add up to a significant amount of time saved.

  1. Quality control and audits

Digital forms give you the power to control the quality of data you collect and analyse. Controls and logic can be set up to ensure that the form only accepts valid data, such as correct phone numbers, email addresses, and more. The forms can be integrated with existing databases, keeping your systems updated and error-free. As discussed, some forms require multiple inputs from a set of different individuals at different stages. With a digital office, you can keep track of your forms through the process. You can easily generate reports and carry out audits to ensure the smooth running of your workflow, and with a user-friendly dashboard you manage all your forms/processes from one place.

Go digital today with SignTech Paperless Solutions, and transform your enterprise to a paperless office. Save money, save time, save paper, and so much more. It’s quite amazing how a simple transformation can lead to such tangible results and make such a significant impact.