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BSC and SignTech Forms

Having a strong presence in all parts of the world has always been part of the vision of our founder, Leke Babalola, had when he first started this innovative company. The goal was- and still is to change businesses all over the globe so that we can impact real and visible ecological change, whilst making them more efficient and cost effective at the same time.


SignTech paperless forms have been taking big steps to expand in the African continent and are pleased to announce that we have a new client partner, Broadband Services Corporation (BSC), which provides super-fast fiber optic internet in Rwanda.


BSC is accompany that we admire because they have similar goals and objectives to us at SignTech Forms. They too helped Rwanda during a time they needed it the most;

“BSC was launched at a time in Rwanda when the growth of investors, small and medium enterprises needed more dynamic enterprise solutions. From our research, customers were increasingly becoming more demanding of the Internet and Data Centre services to enrich their lives and also businesses. They also complained about slow speeds, high prices and poor customer care services.

At BSC it is our aim to lead the market from the customer’s perspective, by providing a balance between reliable, fast Internet connection and value added services with a reasonable price to our customers.

Rwandans now have more choice, affordability and accessibility to faster connections to communicate better, do business more efficiently, and be empowered with usage of ICT.

Better still, Rwandan ICT companies and entrepreneurs now have a better opportunity to deploy more   advanced ICT solutions leveraging on the broadband Fiber Network that is now available nationwide.”


Over the years BSC has shown that they are focused on helping the people of their country develop and put them on a level playing field with their international peers by providing them with something that every modern-day business needs- fast internet. This will empower the people of Rwanda, governments and businesses in the region to not only function efficiently but thrive and succeed in today’s market.

Working with a company that understands that it’s not just about growing themselves but the economy and preserving environment around them is something that is vital to our partnership.


So how does SignTech paperless forms fit into BSC’s picture of growth? Simply put; by applying our paperless solutions to their company, we will increase their efficiency, save them time, reduce the amount of resources that they’ll typically have used to do things like printing, and save them money, making them streamlined and much more sustainable for the future.

Their vision is to make Rwanda one of the most connected countries in Africa and by streamlining their business, they can accomplish their goals faster, benefiting them, us and the people of Rwanda. We at SignTech Paperless Solutions are proud to play a vital role in helping them fulfill this vision.



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