Contract Automation- Change the way you conduct business

Enterprises are embracing automation for a variety of business processes. Contract management has always been a critical aspect to an enterprises document management system. Enterprises that still use traditional paper-based methods are more prone to errors, inefficiency, and confusion. It’s a rather simple solution, that creates a wave of positive effects for your business. Contract automation directly reduces risk, and leads to improved transparency, efficiency, and revenue.

Automated digital office

The digital office, powered by SignTech Paperless Solutions has a wide array of features that enhance the way your enterprise manages its contracts such as online redlining, editing, e-signatures, trigger alerts, virtual negotiation, and more. SignTech supports enterprises by streamlining their contract processes by transforming the traditional analog process to an automated digital workflow.

Automated contract drafting

With ready-to-use templates that are automatically filled with the relevant contract details, contract drafting is made easier and faster. Create digital forms and contracts seamlessly, and customize them according to your customers’ needs.  

Automated workflow

Direct channels of communication and the ability to collaborate on work remotely though cloud capabilities enhances your workflow significantly. Move your contracts from one stage to the next much faster, with the ability to audit contracts at any point and pre-configured workflows. The system records any changes made to contracts in real-time, and therefore increases visibility and accountability.  

Automated approvals and reminders

Shorten your cycle times, and reduce costs with the e-signature feature. A seamless digital signature process that can be done on any device, decreases your transaction periods as it allows for quicker approvals. The solution is also backed by automated email and alert triggers which helps mitigate risks. This alerts individuals about work to be completed, important dates and more so that deadlines are not missed, and contracts can be reviewed and renewed in a timely manner.

Automated reports and analysis

Real-time data and automated report generations, gives you and your enterprise with key insights that can help identify which areas may need improvement.  Effectively analyse and review your processes, and generate comprehensive reports for all stakeholders.

The SignTech digital office creates a more conducive working environment in your enterprise. With user-friendly digital processes, your team will be able to increase their efficiency and collaborate on workflows in a more enjoyable manner. Adoption has played a critical role in the industry and has helped enterprises pivot towards a digital future, move to a paperless digital office with SignTech Paperless Solutions.