Digital forms for field maintenance and service

The traditional way to obtain information such as written questionnaires, mail in surveys, printed forms, telephonic interviews and more have proven to be a hassle to manage. SignTech Paperless Solutions aims to replace these methods with those that are not only simpler but more effective. Digital forms can be used for a variety of reasons such as, responding to invoices, maintenance reports, conducting inspections and more. In today’s world, businesses must be fast and responsive in order to compete and adapt to the everchanging market landscape. Digital forms allow companies to process and analyse large amounts of data in a collaborative manner. The paperless office solution has great potential in the world of service, repair, and maintenance forms. The key benefits of digital forms are highlighted below:

  1. Save time

Capturing information digitally is significantly faster and speeds up the entire process, leading to quicker data analysis and report generation.

  1. Richer data

Enables you to capture signatures (e-signatures), diagrams, photos, barcodes, GPS coordinates, and more. This provides a more comprehensive approach compared to that of traditional print paper.

  1. Data storage

Store your data securely on the cloud instead of having to deal with a clutter of paperwork. Organize your data better, this way you can also access and retrieve data faster.

Digital data entry also helps in avoiding any errors that could be made during transcription. Pre-entered information can be automated, thus saving time and it can further be checked or rather validated before it is published. The digital form also allows users to retain information, further improving the tracking of information. Data accuracy is clearly better with digital forms, another great advantage is the ability to obtain real-time data. A digital paperless office enables you to collect, review and analyse data once it has been stored on the server. The ability to use real-time data fosters a more proactive approach to decision making, which is more responsive and reliable than the reactive approach adopted when working with traditional print forms. Maximise your productivity when it comes to field maintenance, service, and repair by adopting a paperless office. SignTech offers a simple, easy to use paperless office with several tools that will increase functionality and efficiency.

Some of the many ways SignTech is optimizing process on site for field technicians:

  • Create inspections and work orders on the go
  • Employees and customers can collaborate from different geographical locations
  • Customise the forms with a flexible and fun design process
  • Adopt mobile field maintenance, for on the go inspection
  • Set up preventive maintenance schedules and avoid downtime
  • Generate multiple reports in a short period of time
  • Include attachments such as photos, videos, and other additional files

Digital forms have become the norm, the customer expects a paperless office in today’s digital business environment. Make data collection and analysis faster, and more accurate, while generating flawless reports for your enterprise and customers with SignTech paperless solutions.