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Don’t Throw Away Your Trash

This is not advice on littering. I would say no such thing so when I say don’t throw away your trash it doesn’t mean you can simply toss it aside. Working with paperless business solutions has helped me to see sort of s flip side to a lot of things. I’ve seen so many disadvantages that can be turned into benefits simply by changing just one thing. I mean our company is based on providing the world with paperless business solutions so that we’re not doomed to a life of smog and desolation.

These days everything is reusable, from paper to bags and boxes and I’ve written so many times on the art of reusing products, turning trash into useful items with different uses- but assuming that you are infact an upstanding eco-friendly citizen of the earth. You go to work with the paperless business solutions company and you come back home in your hybrid electric car. Park in the garage of your amazing solar panelled house, in which, everything is reused, plastic grocery bags as bin-liners old boxed to store things these days with so many purposes for out-purposed items we’ll safely assume that almost half of everything in your house in made from reused materials.

So what happens when all that is done and the items that used to be something else and then another thing fails and starts to wear on you?

The first answer that comes to your head is throwing it away, right? After all you have already squeezed the life right out of it and there’s definitely nothing left.

This statement is very incorrect and also why our landfills are so limited today.

Recycling old, yes even the very old materials is the next and final step of getting rid of many products- paper, plastic and glass. Recycling can be done twice one by you and on by the professionals. Many people right after reusing an item just throw it away but that is not the way to go, it can still be recycled and used to make a completely new product.

Its all well and good to care about the environment enough to reuse a product but don’t stop there- go ahead and go the extra mile; recycle it too.