bacon in a frying pan

Dulse, The Bacon of the Sea

I’ve always looked at vegetarians with a side eye of some sorts. It is just so strange that I have to ask myself, where do they get the willpower? It goes against every food-related thing I believe in. How can I live without knowing the taste of chicken? Or a delicious peppered steak cooked to medium perfection and my all time favourite… bacon.

How could I ever live without bacon? I don’t know. I couldn’t do it. I don’t even want to think about it.

Recently while doing some paperless forms related research I came across some articles on the web about a possible new superfood with incredible amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins called dulse. But that wasn’t what piqued my interest… oh no. What got me hooked was just one small piece of information about our new discovery.

Get this: it tastes like bacon when it is cooked. Yupp you heard me. B-A-C-O-N the amazing meat we get from pigs with high amounts of cholesterol and fat that’s linked to so many health problems (doesn’t mean I’ll stop eating it though) has had an alternative sitting right under the sea all this while, one that’s actually good for us. There is no way on earth any red-blooded human being can walk away from a bacon-tasting-healthy plant. Old people can eat this without worrying about silly things like cholesterol levels, vegetarians can eat it with no guilt or shame vegans too!

Now, now, hold your horses before you head off to the local grocers for this dulse of a plant, sadly its not really in commercial produce yet, it can be found in places like Ireland and Iceland in fish markets and health food stores so if you live in the Atlantic areas then lucky you. If not you can get things like dulse flakes off amazon and such but world widely speaking it has not yet reached that level of popularity.

Despite this, its used in medicine and in cooking like salads, bread, soups and pizza and its said to even contain iodine.

Its nice to take a break from living life as a paperless forms hermit and just coming up for air with something so odd and refreshing as bacon flavoured seaweed. Where has this been hiding all my life? I don’t know whether it will taste exactly like bacon or maybe just a rip off of it but it is definitely a plant that shouldn’t be overlooked and yes I would consider something with this many nutrients a superfood.

So vegetarians this piece is for you really, if you’re ever in the hankering for some bacon or just plain curious to know what all the fuss is about just head on down and get yourself some dulse… and if you cant, then order it off Amazon.

You’re welcome.


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