How going paperless can boost SMEs

It is becoming ever so critical for SMEs to note that a paperless office has the potential to improve efficiency significantly. Simple administrative tasks lead to a daunting amount of paperwork, by going digital SMEs have a more reliable and smooth flow of documentation and information. The advantages of transitioning to a digital and paperless office are clear and hard to ignore.

  • Save time- improve efficiency

The whole process of managing paperwork from writing to sorting, printing, filing, mailing and more is not only time consuming but also prone to errors. The SignTech paperless solutions cuts down on time spent managing paperwork, and its simple and user-friendly experience improves productivity. The solution is cloud compatible, which will allow employees to access the documents from anywhere. The ability to use digital signatures / e-signatures, speeds up interactions with customers resulting in faster transaction periods.

  • Save money- cost effective

Transitioning from traditional document management to a paperless solution can help get rid of storage clutter. The amount of money and time spent on paperwork is significant and often overlooked or ignored. SignTech offers a cloud based digital solution that aids in cost-cutting and promises a significant long-term return. A study from Capgemini Consulting reports that digital companies are 50% more profitable, and generate 13% more revenue than others. This is mainly due to the reduced administrative costs, and the increase in the speed of operations.

  • Save the environment- reduce waste

Paper creates a lot of unwanted clutter and storage becomes a hassle, especially for smaller companies. Using less paper is an eco-friendlier approach to managing administration and operations. A small change in the way you do business- going paperless can transform your SME while making a positive impact on the environment. Most of the waste ends up in landfills or incinerators, it’s becoming more and more obvious that responsible methods of document management are required more than ever. The SignTech paperless office can support SMEs efforts to become more environmentally responsible, but can also empower them with the tools for better productivity and improved efficiency. 

Digital transformation to a paperless office is easy and SMEs can transition smoothly by focusing on three common document types- Digital contracts/briefs, Email receipts, Bills and invoices. The SignTech paperless solution allows you to manage and send contracts remotely with the electronic signature tool. Email receipts and electronic bills and invoices, helps in cost-cutting but also allows your business to declutter and receive payments faster due to shorter transaction periods. This digital approach fosters transparency, security and reliability, which will only increase the trust between customers and your enterprise. Push your SME towards a digital office as soon as possible, this small change lead to an impactful and positive influence on the way you do business.