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Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

It is just a day until Valentines day and it might have skipped your mind to get a present for your significant other. Oops. Well we at SignTech got you covered.

Last minute ideas and presents don’t have to mean mean half hearted and poorly done. Here are some last minute ideas that are still romantic enough to please your significant other.


A romantic home-cooked dinner

Nothing says I’ve been thinking about you than cooking your significant other’s favourite meal. It is thoughtful and it doesn’t cost as much as taking them out to dinner most times. Everything is at your own pace, and you’re in a quiet comfortable environment where you can completely be yourselves. Sometimes that’s much better than going out for dinner.


A series of small gifts

Not sure what to get her? or him? Are you on a budget? Sometimes a hamper is the best option for those on a budget but still want to splurge. A small basket of perfumes, chocolates, skincare products, squishy stuffed animal, and gift certificates would do the trick. Its elaborate and grand without breaking th bank.


A night of pampering and taking care of your significant other

I think it’s the small things that count a lot more than the big things most times. If you know that your lady loves foot massages and pizza while she catches up on the latest episode of Riverdale then that is something you could do for her to make her night lovely. And if you know that your man loves a good back massage and pizza why not make it a night where he is pampered and taken care of? Being taken care of is something that anyone would appreciate and love.


A handwritten letter

Letter writing is admittedly a lost art- and despite the fact that I don’t like to enourage the use of paper in anyway, especially for businesses (I believe that all businesses should go paperless), there are some days we can make exceptions. Writing love letters on Valentines Day is something so romantic that any girl, and even guys, would love. Just make sure it’s rice or recycled paper and write on both sides so you don’t waste it, and of course be responsible. Recycle any paper you don’t use.


Chocolates and Flowers

I’ve saved this last because it truly is a cliché. And yes there is some idea that flowers and chocolate are the lazy mans’ gift but there’s a reason it is a cliché; it works. It the best last-last minute idea anyone could have and when done right it isn’t just flowers and chocolates but it can be a grand gesture. For example, a single rose is just a rose but a single rose with a hand written note, expressing how you feel is a thoughtful and romantic gesture.


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