List your product on the AWS Marketplace

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace has provided companies especially SMEs a platform to sell their software solutions. It has also supported AWS account holders in finding affordable, reliable and functional solutions for their enterprises by providing a wide array of options. It’s exciting news that SignTech Paperless Solutions has their Digital Office for Amazon listed on the AWS Marketplace! Here are some of the key benefits of having your product/solution listed on the marketplace:

  1. Build credibility

Customers seem to have more confidence in products and solutions that are listed on the AWS Marketplace. This is because before any product is listen it gets reviewed and verified by the AWS team, and hence customers are able to use “AWS-approved” products. A variety of robust and affordable solutions are available on the marketplace for customers to choose from.

  1. Billing and customer service

The AWS Marketplace ensures a smooth customer service and billing process, by taking responsibility and accountability of it completely. Vendors do not have to deal with hassle of deployment and billing, and they also avoid the costs that are normally incurred during these processes. Vendors are provided with a monthly payment, along with comprehensive reports.

  1. Increase visibility

Expand your reach and get access to a vast number of new customers through the AWS community. Customers can find your product easily, as the AWS search tool displays and suggests relevant products to customers. For example, if you are looking to go paperless and a digital office, then you would find the SignTech Amazon Digital Office.

  1. Offer free trials

The AWS Marketplace allows vendors to provide built-in free trials to their customers. Vendors can avoid the hassle of developing their own infrastructure and trials. This also aids in having more customers experience and test your product, once the free trial expires customers them move to the paid version.

The AWS Marketplace is not only an ideal place for vendors but for customer alike. Reliable customer service, smooth billing processes and a wide array of products and solutions make the AWS Marketplace an attractive platform for customers looking for affordable and functional solutions. The marketplace is rapidly expanding and improving, with several features such as annual subscription packages, tracking and usage reports, flexible pricing options, and more. SignTech Paperless Solutions is listed on the AWS Marketplace with a product aiming to support SMEs transition to a digital and paperless office- Amazon Digital Office. Join the AWS community, and get listed on the marketplace to gain access to new customers and showcase your solutions and products.