The Own Goal

Taking a long break from talking about SignTech paperless business solutions and focusing on the world cup has been more eventful than I bargained for.

The first match ensued between Brazil, the host nation and Croatia, and my oh my I have to say that I did not expect anything like it. In the 11th minute of the match this year’s world cup easily became one of the most memorable in history. The minute the football touched no other than Marcelo’s foot were we stunned by an own goal, the very first goal of the 2014 world cup and scored by the hosting country.

I had never seen anything like this ever happen, and I’m sure that if David Coleman were still alive he’d have some memorable words to say about this.

Brazil did however redeem themselves by scoring every single goal (including the own goal) in that match leaving Croatia in the dust with a spectacular 3-1. What a way to start the world cup!

Brazil’s players seemed to be trying to take things easy, they’d had a relaxing training session where the player were said to have been laughing, messing about and just kicking the ball back and forth a mere 15 minutes before the game. I guess the coach was trying to let his player let off some steam and not get too nervous after all, all eyes would be on them and they would be expected to deliver and meet exceptionally high standards.

In this match Neymar was one to watch out for; he was vigorous, fast, and seemed to be extremely driven, he almost stole the show, scoring two of the three goals for Brazil. Although a bit of rough play got him a yellow card in the first half of the match.

Oscar scored a spectacular last minute goal- literally last minute as it was during extra time.

Its great that Brazil has unwittingly made this world cup so memorable, this has compensated for the disappointing opening ceremony and we hope to see more entertaining things as the world cup progresses.

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