Coronavirus Admin Risk Assessment

Following the rapid escalation of the Coronavirus #COVID-19 situation, which is clearly having a global impact on businesses, the SignTech Paperless team ( have had a brainstorming session to determine what they can do to firstly ensure their staff are protected and do what they can to limit the spread of the virus from person to

Better Than Paper?

Whilst the daily news in the USA remains dominated by the Trump Impeachment investigation we at SignTech Paperless Solutions are busy enabling businesses to easily and quickly switch from paper based forms to paperless business forms and paperless processes.  

Our unique, in-house built platform allows you to start saving money immediately – all you need to do is send us your paper forms (in PDF/Word or any format) and we will help you make that transition to fully enabled end-to-end paperless business forms within 24 hours.

Paperless Africa

Six years ago we embarked on what seemed to be an insurmountable challenge to help all companies go paperless.  Our first target is to eradicate the need for paper forms.  When you think of it the purpose of a physical piece of paper in the process of completing a form is mainly to gather information/data, which is then transferred into digital/electronic format for further processing and in the end the paper is destroyed (even if stored for a period of time).

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Using Ecosia; 4 Months Later

Using technology to better the environment is one of the core values of SignTech paperless solutions. Our company itself started with the same motive- to better the work environment and the planet by changing things in the workplace- taking one step towards a paperless future one organization at a time. By replacing paper processes with our innovative paperless solutions we have helped numerous organizations go paperless in one aspect of their operations or another.

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The Launch of SignTech's Speedy Sign App

SignTech paperless solutions strives every day to make seamless and efficient workflow a reality for you.

SignTech Speedy sign is an initiative launched by our founder Leke Babalola with the support of our highly skilled IT team we’ve brought to you an app that will make completing and signing documents an easy process. It is made for individuals to complete and sign their PDF’s in one simple go.


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