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Would You Trust a Battery Powered Plane?

Sometimes I think about what new inventions we would see in the next 5-10 years. It's more or less like a mind game, just to see where my imagination takes me. We all know how the science world  innovates new technologies all the time, faster than we expect, sometimes. Think, mobile phones 5-8 years ago and now, even the evolution of paper sheet forms to paperless business forms. No matter what it is, the difference is mind blowing.

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A Greener Office

Nearly a third (31%) of UK business owners say that their office doesn’t take extra measures to make the space eco-friendly. With a further 1 in 5 (18%) saying they don’t consider how energy efficient equipment is when purchasing it for their office.

With the growing acceptance that global warming IS in fact happening, the goal should be to become more energy efficient. So, I did my research, so that you don’t have to do it yourself, on easy things that you can do to make your office greener:


Pecan Power

Okay, so I have this weird hobby, where I find (more like “rummage for”) a superfood that has numerous health benefits, hunt for it at the grocery store, and start eating it. All this I do in the quest of adding better foods to my diet, to balance out the not-so-good ones (darn you, white bread).

What Global Warming is Doing to Your Body

You most likely have heard that global warming is leading to rising sea levels, dwindling food supplies, and an unpredictable weather. However, if that doesn’t make you budge or care, maybe this will: It could actually be making you sick.

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How You Change the Environment When You Go Paperless

Okay so let’s say you decide to make your office paperless because you know what you will gain from doing so. But then, you wonder, “what will the environment actually gain?”  Am I actually making a difference, you ponder. In this article, I will briefly explain how making your office paperless is actually going to impact the environment.