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Paperless Simplified

Paperless business forms seems like an intimidating term doesn’t it? Paperless business forms and the word ‘simple’ don’t really go hand in hand. Is natural to be sceptical when someone explains the straightforwardness of using something called SignTech paperless solutions.

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Saving Energy in Your Home (Electricity)

They say charity starts from the home… despite my undeniable large amount of intelligence I never really understood what that meant until a short while ago. The reason was probably because the statement can be quite literal and also have deep philosophical meaning to it as well.

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Recycling Reinvented

In my blogs I talk about recycling a lot. I stress the importance of it because yes, there are great alternatives out there to problems like paperless forms instead of traditional forms and yes there are new digital apps taking over what used to be done manually in books and so forth but because we cannot eliminate the use of actual physical products completely recycling is necessary so that nothing goes to waste.

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Food 3.0

Have you ever had a bunch of stats just thrown in your face? Like bam! There it is! Here you go. No? Well get ready cause I’m about to throw some numbers around.

Nine billion people will inhabit the earth before the next three decades. Fact. Right now we are at seven billion pushing to eight. Food production has to double if we are going to sustain human life at a reasonable level.

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SignTech Speedy Sign

We are always discovering new and better ways to do things every day. We went from faxing to e-mails to video chatting and online conference meetings. We went from printing out photographs to digital photography- filters and auto settings on our cameras. We went from paper forms to paperless business forms; we went from notepads to the notepad app.