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A Smog Free Future?

Be still my heart but is it possible that we can actually shape the way our futue turns out, and even more possible that we are going in the right direction? Whenever I think about things like green and renewable energy another word comes to mind: Lost cause. That being said we are almost in the middle of 2015 and its looking like we might just have a chance. The new year brought new trends in green sustainable energy.

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How Much Can You Really Recycle?

Usually when I talk about recycling I go for the basics; paperless solutions, paper, metals, glass, cardboards. And maybe you do recycle all that stuff but what do you do with other things? Throw them away? Just because its not on the short list that I give doesn’t mean that it cannot be recycled.

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I don’t throw around big names enough. I feel like I don’t have to do things like that because our product is simple, real, effective and it doesn’t need any hocus pocus added to it. That being said, SignTech Paperless forms have entered a very important competition.

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How Much are You Willing to Pay?

I don’t throw around big names enough. When I talk about SignTech Forms I like to focus on just us and what we can do for you. I want you to invest because you see the genuity of our product not invest because we did some smoke and mirror trickery and flashy presentations. You’re not investing in flash and bam, smoke and mirrors.

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Fight of the Century

I am not God, neither am I a fortune teller. I do not know the future and I can’t predict what could happen but oh sometimes… you know? Working for SignTech Paperless forms, being an avid blogger for the benefit of the environment and talking about paperless business solutions I’ve not really had the time to get into boxing.