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Pitch to Rich

This is an exciting time for SignTech Forms, once again we’ve been presented with an opportunity for development and once again, you’re going to be involved in the process. Are you tired of us yet?

Last year we had a competition on E-Lance where we were name one of the top five big ideas in the UK and we did have your amazing support but sadly we lost the competition. Since then we’ve had the kick Starter campaign, which you guys invested in us, but sadly we weren’t able to reach our goal.

In Memory

Its not often that I blog about things like this as it is a far cry from paperless solutions and talks about how to go paperless in business but once in a while it has to be done. In the past few years we at SignTech have seen so many things that assure us of the bright future we think humanity has ahead, but them sometimes we also see things that make us question how much progress are we really making?

Game of Thrones Poster

Drip. Drop.

At first it was daredevil, I watched the first episode online and the next thing I knew, practically the whole season was out in just one night. I thought it was quite strange at first but I pegged it down to a marketing strategy, after all who knows what Hollywood is thinking nowadays?

General Muhammad Buhari, the new president of Nigeria

The New Era

New things are shiny, new things are exciting and new things for me, always means new opportunities. Just a few days ago Nigeria in its own way became “new”. New in the sense that she has a new leader. Yes, that’s right. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the first time ever- the ruling political party has lost the election. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Never has a sit-in president lost an election before.

Nigerian Voters posing with ther cards

And The Winner Is...

As you know, SignTech forms is a company with a growing global presence, with clients in different parts of the world including Nigeria and once we have even a small presence there we adopt the country as our own, Nigeria’s concerns are our concerns and their problems are something we worry about too. During the Ebola scare we tried to raise awareness about the disease and staying away from it and thank God, Nigeria is currently Ebola free.