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This is an exciting time for SignTech and I think, for you too. First let me talk about why this is a great time for SignTech forms.

We are going public, growing our business not through the traditional way of just focusing on large investors but something slightly different because we believe in getting everyone involved too.

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Don’t Throw Away Your Trash

This is not advice on littering. I would say no such thing so when I say don’t throw away your trash it doesn’t mean you can simply toss it aside. Working with paperless business solutions has helped me to see sort of s flip side to a lot of things. I’ve seen so many disadvantages that can be turned into benefits simply by changing just one thing.

The Danger of Food Wastage

Some of us are faithful in our regard for the planet, we recycle, we make sure to go paperless, conserve water, and even take part in awareness programmes to show other people how to help save the delicate balance of the eco-system from complete ruin. But! Despite that the number is in the millions, compared to the billions of people in the world, you can’t help but feel that we’re not doing enough.

Stop Whatever You’re doing right Now

As you get older, it begins to seem like time is going faster than you are, so to battle this feeling we go faster than time, high powered jobs, errands, chores and taking care of kids, business, trying to keep up with what we consider to be the pace of life.

Why do Paper cuts Hurt So Much?!

If I asked you to name the things you hated in this world, I’m quite sure that that list would stretch to the high heavens. Mine would obviously start with all my paperless concerns, then