Why do Paper cuts Hurt So Much?!

If I asked you to name the things you hated in this world, I’m quite sure that that list would stretch to the high heavens. Mine would obviously start with all my paperless concerns, then


10 Interesting Facts About Paper

If I’m being honest, which I am 10% of the time- haha just kidding! 90% of the time I’m honest with you. Anywhoo, like I said: if I’m being honest, I never thought working on something so focused on going paperless, or about paper would be so interesting. You think paper, you think office 9-5 boring job, not awesome cool blogger chick writing her heart away which the birds and butterflies keep her muse (this is the 10%).

Here I’ll share some really cool things I’ve learnt about paper while working on making you work without it.


What to do in 2015

Like the song by slow club goes, “Everything is New”. There is something amazing about the New Year. It is filled with so much optimism that I could just burst into song not unlike a Bollywood movie. Today I am taking a break from talking paperless and blogging paperless solutions to focus on you- you and the New Year.

Happy New Year!

Oh my! Coming into 2015 was amazing… personally I did nothing special or monumental, spent valuable time with my friends, called my family because for me that’s what’s important and there is nothing better than coming into a new era with the people that matter the most to you, throw in some video games and good food you have the best new year ever. I watched on TV as Dubai celebrated it was the most impressive display of lights and fireworks I’d ever seen. Not even the 2012 Olympics were that grand, and that’s saying something because they were amazing!

What Should Your Resolutions be?

A blank piece of paper stares you in the face asking- how will your life change this year- Possibly forever.

You probably wrote something along the lines of, work out, eat healthier, learn a new language, take up an awesome hobby, get a girlfriend/boyfriend, even get married, be a nicer person, and these are all great things to have on your list but I’m here to tell you that your list is missing something: a vital goal that isn’t really for you but for mother earth. These are eco-friendly goals you should incorporate into your plans for change this New Year.