Signtech Wants You

SignTech Wants You!

No, we are not recruiting for an army, well unless you call a group of people that are working tirelessly for the wellbeing of the planet, blogging and turning off taps an army then yes we are recruiting for an army.

Do you own a business? Are you a start up company? Is your business growing but not quite there yet? SignTech is the kind of company that targets the people who haven’t really made their mark in the world yet. Now I am not trying to call anyone small but yes, some companies are more prominent than others.

How to Save the World

I love comic book heroes, who doesn’t? Batman, superman, Wonder woman, Storm, Shadow cat, Cat woman, Iron man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Spider man, Super woman, The Incredibles, I could name so many, pages and pages endless numbers of super heroes and bore you to death or I could get to the point.

Ways To Completely Revamp Your Business To A Paperless One (2)

Moving on from the ways you can optimise the use of paper for revamping your business, we will now tackle ways to make your business a paperless one completely. So!


If you really want to go paperless…


Online reports and statements

Ways To Completely Revamp Your Business To A Paperless One (1)

In this day and age, where virtually everything is digital, where your business isn’t relevant without an online presence, it should come as no surprise that now there is a new trend. If you stay current to the news, following different giant companies such as Google, Yahoo, EBay, The Bank of America, you’ll notice that they are all trying their best to be more eco friendly.

Mobile app office

Best Apps for the Office

Today is a huge day in your company, you’re about to have a meeting with one of the biggest clients that you guys have just snagged, this client practically runs 30% of the entire business, for that meeting seated with executives and the CEO, virtually everyone who’s anyone, you’re asked to put in a few words, make a short presentation if you will. The whole room is silent as you smile at the client, then reach for your tablet- I bet you thought he was going to reach for the huge file next to him.