SignTech Diaries: Boot camp!

If our success story were filled with only successes it wouldn’t be a real success story, that’s what I tell myself so I don’t feel bad about loosing. It is with great sadness that we at SignTech paperless solutions let you know that the last thing we did as a company didn’t exactly “go through”. But we didn’t let it get us down, we made the most of the opportunities presented to us while we were there.

tree trunk

What is Important to You?

If I asked you to name the most important things in this world to you I’m sure the answers I would get wouldn’t be outside the expect answers, God, family, money, love, health, yourself. I don’t dispute that any of those answers are right, I myself believe that God is the most important, but I would like to add one more thing to this list; the earth. Many people would not name the earth as part of their list yet most of what has been named cannot exist without it, which kind of pushes our planet to near the top of that list, don’t you think?

The SignTech Diaries: Our 2 Seminars

The team is back again. Well specifically Barbara and Raquel, two key members on our sales and marketing team. On the 21st of July in Shoreditch, the named members of the SignTech team attended a networking event; we were treated to presentations by companies such as John Lewis, Unilever, Cisco and EE.

While at the event, mixing and mingling (just for you), we spoke with CEO’s of different start-up companies and finding out new ideas for different apps that are soon to be released to you, the lovely people of the Internet.

The Case of the Missing Lake…s

As many should know, change is inevitable, and when it happens it can go both ways; the good change or the bad change. Our climate is fast changing, and well people, its not the good kind. We talk about things like paperless forms and paper free solutions not because we are just looking to sell you something but we’re trying to prepare for the future. Trees are fast “disappearing” but there is hope for them. Trees can be planted. What about lakes? Lakes are fast evaporating and its looks like there is no hope for them. Can they be, oh I don’t know, refilled?

Global Warming; Are You a Believer?

Its surprising that with such progression in climate change I still encounter people that think of global warming as some sort of… agenda propagated by the media to control us and sell products that cost more that average.

Look, I will be the first to admit that I’m all about conspiracy theories, I think they’re absolutely fascinating and sometimes there is some element of truth behind their logic. Studying and looking into conspiracies theories is one of my favourite pastimes but I know where to draw the line.