The Protests in Sao Paulo

It seems that Brazilian activists have taken matters they consider serious into their own hands. As the world watches Brazil for the world cup the opportunity to bring to light what has been plaguing the country for many years it seems.

Much like SignTech paperless forms Brazil is looking for development, the people are concerned, tired and have had enough of bad policies in the country and very much like the paperless business forms company, the country decided to do something about it.

The World Cup Series

The World Cup happens only once every four years, just like the summer Olympics also happens just once every four years. And now that we’ve come upon what will be the next talked about event for weeks ahead it only stands to reason that we at SignTech would also talk about it.

SignTech is very much like the world cup. Amazing, spectacular and everything you hoped it would be. If the world cup were all about paperless business forms then yes. SignTech would be like the world cup.

Your Carbon Footprint

You’ve probably heard this term a lot. Organizations and well-meaning individuals speaking on climate change and urging you to be careful as to minimize your “carbon footprint”, sure you might be interested for a few minutes but soon you forget all about it. The sad truth is many people haven’t been interested enough to even find out what a carbon footprint is or how to make it smaller and if they do, the knowledge hardly is ever reflected in their actions.

Is Your Paper Holding You Back?

Sometimes when we at SignTech talk to people about going paperless people seem interested till we get on to the topic of cost. SignTech is affordable for every type of business, there are packages for small businesses through to large organisations. SignTech manages to ensure that anyone and everyone can afford it the paperless business forms platform and service. The solution includes, android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

SignTech in Nigeria

SignTech paperless forms is steadily creating a global presence, with the headquarters in Hungary, an office in the UK and even as far as Nigeria, we are also equally concerned with what happens in different parts of the world especially if its in a country where SignTech paperless are involved in.