6 Ways You're Destroying The Planet Without Realising

1. Leaving the tap running-

Can someone say water wastage? Today this is a serious crisis in the world, and you leaving that tap running while washing plates is doing more harm than good. In fact it is not doing any good. Same goes for your showers, don’t leave them running if you’re not under it. All that water is just so many different kinds of potential energy going down your drain… literally.

people riding bicycle

The Eco-Friendly Commute

I remember when I was choosing universities for my bachelor’s degree; I decided that I wanted to go to a school based on which countries had the best places for cycling. Having never been to continental Europe, I thought that it would be all green hills, cottages, windmills and sheep.

Yes… I really thought that.

bowl of oats

So What Should You Eat?

My last two articles have been about food. I have stressed over and over the importance of being careful what you put in your mouth. “You are what you eat.” And it is very true. Food affects our moods, our friends, our social circles, our way of thinking so if food is that important why are we so careless about checking the ingredients before putting that tasty cheeseburger in our mouths?

baby looking at a cake

You Are

What you eat.

This statement is so popular, used everywhere from diet sites, doctor’s recommendations, advice from friends, and now, here on the paperless blog.

Is Brazil Really Ready for the World Cup?

While at work in the paperless company of SignTech, I read the news articles relating to brazil now that its less than 10 weeks to the world cup and I found myself cringing ever so slightly, from raiding of slums to carjacking, protests to unfinished stadiums this June 12th world cup seems very very… very unlikely to go down as smoothly as many people in brazil or everywhere else would hope. At least, we at the paperless company hope.