They say that Mondays are the bane of many people’s existence, especially those who go to work. I beg to differ. I actually am excited to come to work (almost) every morning especially knowing the purpose for the company that I work for goes just beyond selling our product to the masses and being conscious of the fact that I am a part of this. I love Mondays. Most times.

The Missing Plane

While writing for the paperless blog, I’ve come across some fascinating things and Personally, I think that this has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve heard… this week.

We all know that there is a special place where the second sock always goes, somehow they can never be found, even when you’re moving house. Well what about airplanes? Where do they go?

The Oscars

This year has been very eventful, despite the fact that we’re just in the beginning of it, especially in the world of entertainment. Now running a paperless blogs, with ideas like saving the world from global degeneration and deforestation hardly leaves me time to write about things like ‘Celebrities’ and the ‘Oscars’, but really, I would not be able to call myself a true fan of great movies if I let my words and opinions about this year’s Academy Awards go unwritten.

The dawn of a new age

It’s hard for someone like me, who works in the kind of company that I do, specialising is paper-free solutions… in the form of apps to ignore the release of any new gadget.

It’s really hard, so I’m not going to bother trying!

As practically everyone knows, Samsung is bringing out their latest version of the s series. I mean, the S4 is cool but we want more! And Samsung has heard out cries for this new phone so they have.

stacks of coins

When Money Isn’t an Issue…

I’ve been talking, and talking about going green. I blog about it, I write about it, I speak about, sometimes, yes I even dream about it and I live it, because I’m lucky enough to work for a company like SignTech that helps me actualise the dream of a paperless, smog-less, carbon-free, eco-friendly future. Sadly, not everyone can work with paperless solutions some companies; especially in this economy where many people don’t have the funds to pay for something they haven’t sampled.