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SignTech’s Product Launch

On Thursday 28th of February SignTech paperless solutions took a big step towards establishing ourselves in the Ghanaian market. As we mentioned before, Ghana is at a crucial point especially in the business and technology industry where they are expanding and innovating at a very high rate.

SignTech's Product Launch in Ghana

Remember when we told you that we had big plans for this year to expand into more parts of Africa?

We’ve been in Lagos for over half a year and although we’re dedicated to carving out a space for us in the Nigerian market, we have been planning to take our product to other parts of Africa as well. Ghana being one of them. We’ve been working on our product launch for Ghana for a while and we’re excited to say that it is only a few days away.

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Eco-Conscious Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every year there’s a buzz of excitement that surrounds valentine’s day regardless of your relationship status- married, dating, partnered, single. It doesn’t matter what group you fall in because one thing for certain is that you feel different on that day. You see red everywhere, it’s on your TV, in your apps, your favourite foods now have a “love theme” to it in your favourite restaurant.

What We Hope to Accomplish in 2019

2018 was a heck of a year for SignTech paperless solutions! We planted roots in Nigeria, officially expanding into the African market. We welcomed new members into our small team and more importantly new clients in Nigeria like Amarante Security and CMD. We also made small steps into breaking into the Rwandan market with our new clients BSC, a fiber optics company in Rwanda. Suffice it to say, 2018 has been quite eventful.

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Is Your Data Compromised?

This isn’t the best note to start off the year- January and already we're hearding reports of a record data breach. With what is being dubbed “Collection 1 breach” it’s been reported that a set of over 2.7 billion e-mail addresses and passwords had been posted onto a hacking platform for anyone and everyone to see in what people are calling a mega breach.


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