How Not To Write a CV

Working in a company that specialises in paper-free solutions has gotten me into quite a lot of situations. One notably awkward one, which I experience more times than I care to admit is explaining to people that because my job description includes the word “paper-less” doesn’t mean I know all about paper.

Why SignTech Is The Eusebio of Technology

Anyone who’s been on the Internet lately must have heard about the famous footballer Eusebio that died recently. Yesterday. To be precise.
Being a hardcore football fan like myself, I was unpleasantly surprised to find out about his death. Anybody who has watched the videos of his games will know why he was aptly named the “Black Panther”. SignTech recently, started with paperless technology. E-forms and interactive documents, and sitting down here, I realize how much this company can be compared to the great football legend that once lived in three ways:

How And Why You Should Go Green In Your Home

It seems like the whole world is slowly desecrating. National geographic, animal planet, zone reality, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, everyone seems to be talking about global warming, energy crisis, ecosystem, fuel scarcity, extinction, deforestation and many other negative things affecting our planet. Us being normal people don’t really care about these problems; after-all, we’re not scientists. We go about our daily lives, not wanting, or caring enough to fix the problems we’re continuously causing in our environment, who cares about recycling, and going paperless? Only scientists! That’s who.


What, you may ask, is a Pitch Marathon?

This innovative event enables invited organisations and individuals to pitch their product or service to a panel of Venture Capitalists who award “Pitch Marathon Euros” to each participant in amounts that they feel the pitch deserved.

Apps World

As SignTech™ we had the opportunity to exhibit at the London 2013 Apps World exhibition. The core development team has flown out from Hungary to join the sales and management team of the company at this unique and spectacular event.