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Is Your Data Compromised?

This isn’t the best note to start off the year- January and already we're hearding reports of a record data breach. With what is being dubbed “Collection 1 breach” it’s been reported that a set of over 2.7 billion e-mail addresses and passwords had been posted onto a hacking platform for anyone and everyone to see in what people are calling a mega breach.

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Paperless PAYS


2019 is the year for brilliant schemes and ways to save money. SignTech paperless is launching a new savings plan to help your company save more money by preventing unnecessary losses. Yes, you read that right. SignTech has found yet another way for our clients to save even more money while using our app.

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Your New Year's Resolutions and how to keep them

It is 2019 and SignTech paperless forms is happy about the new year! This is the time to plan new beginnings and with no doubt you have a list of resolutions scribbled down in a book somewhere or on a post-it or maybe just in your head. We also have our resolutions but whats more important than making them is keeping them.

We have put together a few tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions


Make specific goals:

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SME MK & Buckinghamshire Business Awards

SignTech Forms has great news to kick off the festive period and new year! We have reached the SME MK & Buckinghamshire business awards finals in the Green award category!

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SignTech's Guide to Starting a Side Hustle

At SignTech Paperless we are firm believers of the dream. In fact- our company, SignTech paperless forms started off with a dream; we wanted companies to go paperless using our service and in turn create a more sustainable way of running their business. We wanted to save the planet and cutting paper consumption significantly is one way to make a world of difference. We have a dream, so of course we are believers of you having dreams too for your career, your business and your future.


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