Traditional building in China

Your Year of Financial Fortune

Did you set any specific business goals for the chinese new year? Well, you still have time to think...

Chalk drawing of figure throwing rubbish in a bin

Why Recycle?

Paperless, paper-free... Recycling. Just one of the many words that's always tossed around in the ’Eco-Friendly' community. “You’ve just got to recycle” they say. “Don’t waste, recycle”. However, many people don’t even know the point to this. So I throw my paper, plastic and glass in separate recycling bins, and then what? What does the earth have to gain? I'll answer these questions by sharing some of the many reasons why we need to recycle.

New Year Poster

2017 to 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

2017 was an amazing year for SignTech; from continuing to develop paperless solutions for companies like Santander to making new partnerships with Hansal International.

Hurricane Irma Claims the lives of at least 67

Just a short while ago we were shook by the destruction of hurricane Harvey in Houston Texas, and now, barely a minute later, hurricane Irma has taken to its own path of destruction, from the Caribbean islands of Cuba and Barbuda to the coast of Florida. With all the support and press that Florida has been getting, you might just forget that the Caribbean felt the worst of it and although the Caribbean is no stranger to hurricanes, something of this magnitude is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

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SignTech at MK Arts Festival

At SignTech Forms, you probably already know what we do, we are an eco-minded company dedicated to helping organisations transition from using Paper based forms and processes to fully integrated paperless forms. With award winning technology and mobile apps that have helped over a thousand companies and over 30,000 users.


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