The Icecube in Antartica

NASA shared a photo last Wednesday of a slab of ice- perfectly rectangular floating on the Antarctic. Is this climate change or just plain unnatural?

An excerpt from LA times tells us what we need to know about how the iceberg was formed:

Experts say they believe the iceberg fractured in May from Larsen C, a large ice shelf fed by several glaciers on the east side of the peninsula. They're still unsure whether it will cause the rest of the shelf to destabilize.

Dubai’s Paperless Strategy

We at SignTech paperless forms are always focused on saving the planet and there’s nothing we love more than seeing other places, companies, countries adopt strategies that follow the same vision.

NASA's illustration of their space defense mission

NASA's Protecting Earth from a Potential Asteroid Strike

We at SignTech paperless forms are always focused on saving the planet but there’s nothing we can save if we don’t have a planet left to protect.

NASA is launching their very first planetary defense mission to protect the earth from a potentially disastrous Asteroid strike. According to a press release, this planetary defense mission has moved into the final design and assembly phase following NASA’s approval on the 16th of August.

danny boyle and daniel craig

Danny Boyles Exits Bond 25

I think that we can all agree that ever since the conception of the James Bond Franchise, little else have topped captured our attention so rapturously for such a long time (maybe Star Wars is a not-so-close second). In the world of paperless forms, hardly anything is every as consistent as the use and existence of paper yet from 1962 till date, James bond has been very much alive regardless of what generation watches it.

laptop on table with some code showing on the screen

GDPR - SignTech's Paperless DPIA

Answering your Questions about the new General Data Protection Regulation



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