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How to make Kids Eco-Conscious

So here’s a likely scenario. You’re a person, a business owner, and you have made painstaking efforts to make your business eco-friendly so you can both save the planet and save some money, you’ve implemented all sorts of innovative solutions for your business like SignTech paperless forms and everything is going well for you.

smoky susages on an outdoor grill

The Green Barbecue

I have a love hate relationship with summer. Most particularly, I love summer for its great barbeques but I hate excessive heat… what can you do?

So despite summer being all of two seconds, it still August and this is a month where we have to be careful about the actions we commit to the environment.

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SignTech Forms and Hansal International

SignTech Forms is growing. Get on board. With every year we receive more awards, more recognition, we learn more and become better as we grow. Most importantly we help companies become better by using our unique proprietary Paperless Forms solution.

rows of plastic red chairs

Enough With The Plastics

A lot of eco activists worldwide have tagged this month Plastic Free July. So, I’d first start off by saying happy plastic free July to you. *cue the fireworks*

woman standng in front of fan

SignTech Tip for the Summer

In these hot summer months, hardly anyone would argue that air conditioners are one of the best things to happen upon mankind. And, if you are like me, and are currently at a place that is experiencing an extremely sweltering summer, you’d agree it’s quite hard to not switch on the air conditioner. But the downside of that is it increases your electricity bills, and it’s so not ecofriendly.


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