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Protecting the Earth

I am not somebody that talks, a lot. Okay I lied, I am somebody that talks a lot- so much. I try to put all that into my blogging with the logic “If am to talk, why not talk about the planet that we live in?”. When I first started writing for SignTech I called myself and anyone else in my field an ‘eco activist’, “we’re saving the planet,” I said. That’s not necessarily true.

No I didn’t lie, but when seen from all sides I wasn’t really honest with you guys.

I hear all this talk about protecting the earth: protecting wildlife, protecting the reef, protecting the environment, protecting the vegetation, protecting the atmosphere but who or what are we protecting it from? We are the only ones here! This made me realise that we are using the wrong word to describe everything. When you “protect” the earth it makes you feel like the earth is a damsel in distress and we’re the saviour come to rescue the princess from the clutches of danger. Whatever shall the planet do without us to save it?

Well what do we do when we are the danger? We are not eco-activists- we’re killers of the great blue sphere we live on! I may have said otherwise in the paperless blogs but really, wasn’t the earth was doing just fine before the industrial revolution? Before humans came along with the machine? And once we are extinct- it may take a while but the earth will fix herself.

This way of thinking has to end. We cant keep on living with the mind-set that we are doing the planet a favour by not leaving the tap running or the earth will thank us for recycling that plastic bottle we were about to throw away. It doesn’t matter to the planet what we do or don’t do because long after we’re gone our mother earth will be just fine. The only thing we need to do is simply stop this life suckening culture of consumerism. Our lifestyle of compulsive and mindlessly buying new things- an endless stream of new products filling up our houses is literally ruining life as we know it. We need to stop living so excessively. Driving everywhere, getting new dresses or a brand new suit for every single event. Its is necessary that the stop button is pressed on this harmful lifestyle that is not-so-slowly killing our planet and our future generations.

I can blog all I want about paperless forms and paperless solutions while you can say that we’re protecting the planet and all but in reality we can’t say that because who/what we’re really protecting is ourselves because we want to live. Not just survive. And the only way we can do that is if the earth is thriving and well. So please stop the talk and the misconception of “We’re protecting the earth” and think about how it really is. We’re protecting ourselves.


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