Digital forms for field maintenance and service

The traditional way to obtain information such as written questionnaires, mail in surveys, printed forms, telephonic interviews and more have proven to be a hassle to manage. SignTech Paperless Solutions aims to replace these methods with those that are not only simpler but more effective. Digital forms can be used for a variety of reasons such as, responding to invoices, maintenance reports, conducting inspections and more. In today’s world, businesses must be fast and responsive in order to compete and adapt to the everchanging market landscape.

How going paperless can boost SMEs

It is becoming ever so critical for SMEs to note that a paperless office has the potential to improve efficiency significantly. Simple administrative tasks lead to a daunting amount of paperwork, by going digital SMEs have a more reliable and smooth flow of documentation and information. The advantages of transitioning to a digital and paperless office are clear and hard to ignore.

Go Paperless With eSignatures

Time To Go Paperless with eSignatures

So many people think using eSignatures or Digital Signatures will cost quite a bit of money.  

SignTech Paperless Solutions have changed the game significantly but creating a platform that not only allows you to create eSignatures, but it allows you to create what DocuSign describes at PowerForms.

Electronic Signature Verification

I have had many companies ask me about electronic signature (sometimes referred to as eSignature) verification features when it comes to completing and singing forms on smartphones, tablets and PCs.  

Companies such as DocuSign provide an electronic signature certification feature.  However there is a flaw in that certification service.  

All it means is that they certify the signature on a particular form signed by a user is the same as the initial signature they entered or uploaded when they set up their account.

Exiting Lockdown

We have had lockdown restrictions imposed for nearly six weeks and there now appears to be a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel signalling the lifting of conditions.  I personally do not think we will simply return to the way we used to do things prior to the lockdown.  Now that we have been forced to adapt there are some positive outcomes that have emerged.