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SignTech's Guide to Starting a Side Hustle

At SignTech Paperless we are firm believers of the dream. In fact- our company, SignTech paperless forms started off with a dream; we wanted companies to go paperless using our service and in turn create a more sustainable way of running their business. We wanted to save the planet and cutting paper consumption significantly is one way to make a world of difference. We have a dream, so of course we are believers of you having dreams too for your career, your business and your future.

SignTech Forms at the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards

Since the conception of our business, SignTech Paperless Solutions, we have had the privilege of working with quite a number of businesses over the years, and one of them that remains quite memorable is Santander Bank.

Stan-Lee (1922-2018)

A creative mind, a genius and one of the core reasons that we can enjoy modern day cinema Stan Lee died just a few hours ago. Stan Lee was not only the co-creator of many, many iconic super heroes but also seen as the God Father of the Marvel Universe.

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BSC and SignTech Forms

Having a strong presence in all parts of the world has always been part of the vision of our founder, Leke Babalola, had when he first started this innovative company. The goal was- and still is to change businesses all over the globe so that we can impact real and visible ecological change, whilst making them more efficient and cost effective at the same time.

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The Greentech Challenge

This week, our company heads, Jerome and Leke, CEO and founder of SignTech Forms respectively will be in Paris presenting our paperless forms business solution as the eco-friendly alternative to operate a business. Why? We were carefully selected by Greentech to pitch our business in Paris at their four-day Greentech challenge.


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