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Saving Energy in Your Home (Water)

We love the fact that offices are going paperless and finding paperless solutions to a lot of problems but if the home is not energy efficient then what we’re doing becomes quite unnecessary. So here are some more ways to save energy around your house.


  • Getting a smart showerhead is a good option; with less water being used as showers are considered one of the top reasons fro water usage and wastage. Now more than ever before we need to conserve what resources we do have and reduce our waste. One product that I would recommend looking at is EVA Drop, a smart shower system for households. If everyone had an EVA Drop in shower 3 billion gallons of water could be saved each day in the United States alone. The device combined with an app simply addresses three issues we have with showering. Letting the shower run longer than necessary, keeping it pouring even when we’re not under the water stream and taking long “Broadway” showers. You can see how it works here and if you like the product (what green loving eco-friendl person wouldn’t?) then visit their site: http://evadrop.com/# Of course if you don’t have access to something like this just a shorter shower is also very helpful.


  • Fixing dripping taps is important. A drop per second wastes 192 gallons of water a month in just ONE household. Call a plumber if simply turning the tap wont cut it but don’t let it drip!


  • While brushing your teeth did you know that leaving the tap running during those five minutes contributes to million of gallons of water waste? A simple solution is just putting all the water in a glass and using that to brush your teeth. It usually doesn’t take me for instance more than half a glass of water for a proper tooth scrub.


There you have it. Some simple energy fixers fro your home and your home alone. Remember, go paperless, paperless solutions are very important but also be energy efficient. I'd like to mention that ALL products and services I've recommended so far (except signtech) doe not belong to us. They're different things made by different companies that I think will help make your life better and more ecofriendly.


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