SignTech’s Paperless 6-Sigma Cost Reduction Program

SignTech paperless Solutions is a company that takes paper-based processes such as filling out forms, signing contracts, inputting any sort of information into any sort of database and turns it into a seamless paperless process within your company and between your business and your customers.

Say for instance you owned a bank, and all new customers needed to open accounts using a signup form. We would take that form put it on our paperless platforms so that they your customers would only ever have to download our free application find your bank’s form on our platform and use that to sign up from wherever they are, whatever time is convenient. We would then integrate all completed forms into your database, and if you don’t have a database our highly skilled IT team would make you one. It’s that simple.


What is the 6-sigma cost reduction program?

SignTech’s 6 sigma cost reduction program is a 10-day program run by our experts involving an audit of your business aiming to bring about more efficient business processes that is guaranteed to save your business at least 20% running costs.

  • Identifying your key objectives as a company
  • Presentation to a company user
  • Review of your full paper-based processes from document creation to final data entry
  • Measurement of the number of paper used, drafts, copies, waste and how much time it consumes
  • We would then analyse paper and time consumption by document, compare before and after of implementing paperless process
  • Our experts would recommend a more efficient process depending on your needs for your business.
  • Once these changes have been implemented our team would train your staff in how to use the new methods in doing business.
  • All the while we would provide dedicated and responsive support to guide you through the process.
  • We would then monitor and assess the key aspects of this program and continually improve it time and time again.


What reasons would you as a company have for doing this paperless audit?

Any businesses that runs our 6 sigma cost reductions is guaranteed at least 20% savings in running costs. We’ve had over 2000kwh saved by users of SignTech forms, companies have reduced their carbon footprint by up to 90%. Asides the positive environmental impact that the reduction of your carbon footprint would have on the world, a move like this greatly improves your company image and profile in an increasingly eco-conscious world where people, consumers more so than most are concerned about not just the product or service their getting but also how it is sourced.

Consumers are more likely to trust companies with a good code of ethics. It an undoubtedly a very effective way to save money. With us numerous companies like Santander bank, Barclays bank, GtBank, Cranfield University have saved up to millions of pounds by simply adopting our paperless solutions in one area of their operations or another.


Going paperless is a very great way to save you money by eliminating the need for need to purchase things like a printer, ink, and of course paper itself. Going paperless doesn’t just save you money but it also gives your business a good look- you’d be able to say that you run a green company or at least an eco-conscious practice. It also helps you save time and reduce manual errors (things like losing files, and spelling mistakes) simply by making your processes a bit more automated. You save time on processes that are monotonous and this increases the efficiency of your business- your staff have an easier time getting their work done and hence they can do better jobs and focus on important tasks that need to be done. All these aspects come together to increase the overall efficiency of your business.


Do you need our 6 Sigma cost reduction program?

Right about now you’re probably wondering whether you need this program or not. Maybe your company is almost completely paperless or you just don’t use that much paper. Maybe you work in a really big organization. No matter the size of your business you would need it. We’ve worked with large organizations such as Santander bank saving them millions of pounds as well as medium sized businesses such as FDL Power in the UK as well as smaller organizations. No matter what kind of business you run or size, you stand to benefit from our 6-sigma paperless cost reduction program.

It is key to remember that after our assessment it is up to you to do the actual work by implementing the actual changes.

SignTech Paperless Solution’s audit is a step that I would recommend any day and any time and to businesses looking to make an improvement in the way their operations are run. Contact us for more information.



SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on smart devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration). For more information visit or email