SignTech’s Paperless Transformation Course

What is SignTech?

SignTech paperless Solutions is a company that takes paper-based processes such as filling out forms, signing contracts, inputting any sort of information into any sort of database and turns it into a seamless paperless process within your company and between your business and your customers.


What is the paperless transformation course?

With the emergence of new technology as well as the fast-paced rate of change seen in the IT industry there are now many ways in which organisations can successfully stop using paper, in particular when it comes to forms.

This CPD certified course (worth 6 CPD points) was created to train high level employees of a any company that still uses paper-based forms on how to digitize all those processes saving money for the businesses and increasing efficiency. It provides a tried and tested framework that makes it easy to identify opportunities to convert existing paper-based forms and processes into fully integrated paperless forms. This allows organisations to save significant amounts of money as well as providing an enhanced user experience for their customers, staff and end users in general.


Who should take it?

The course is made specifically for any company that still uses paper-based forms of any type of documents that could in their operations. Anyone in an organisation that still uses paper-based forms of any type, or PDF forms that are online for users to download and complete.

Anyone who is involved in the processing of data entry of paper forms or information that has been information that has been captured on any form.

Whether you’re a business analyst, project managers, programme managers, programme office manager (PMO), administrator, IT consultant, IT analysts, Management (all levels senior, middle and junior managers), process improvement, analysts, process design, financial managers.

and Junior Managers), Process Improvement this course was created for you.


How is it run?

The course will be taken by both our founder and CEO of SignTech paperless; Leke Babalola (MBA, BSc (HONS) and Jeromme Dagonneau (PhD, Msc) respectively.

It is a full day course that will run from 09:00 to 17:00 (mid-morning, afternoon refreshments as well as lunch will be provided)


Leke advises, consults and delivers Paperless Programmes to organisations of all sizes on an international scale. With over 20 years of delivering business process improvement projects and programmes he now focuses on the delivery of state of the art, modern techniques to address the drive to reduce the use of Paper in organisations in order to make them more efficient, more environmentally friendly and help provide for a better end user experience. He engages in social media and regularly addresses global audiences as a keynote speaker and visiting lecturer.


Jerome is a leading figure, researcher and lecturer in environmental, tech. sustainability, climate change and carbon footprint reduction. He has great experience when it comes to coaching and teaching people of various professional backgrounds and ages. He is a leading consultant and pioneer who had successfully delivered projects to improve business efficiency and reduce carbon footprints by drastically reducing paper consumption. On a day-to-day basis Jerome advises, consults and delivers Paperless Programmes to organisations of all sizes on an international scale.



What do you expect to benefit?

By attending this course delegates will be fully equipped to return to their organisations or clients and be able to convert existing paper-based forms and processes into paperless ones almost instantly.

You company would have a key guaranteed positive output from the course is that we will get you to actually deliver a paperless form of your choice, therefore you can bring along an existing form and you will have created it by the end of your course (or create a brand new one).

You can expect to have the confidence and tools to be able to identify a viable paperless project, create a sound business case and deliver the project along with clearly demonstrating the benefits to the business.

The course is worth 6 CPD points.


How do you signup?

Send us an email to find out more information regarding the course.



SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on smart devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration). For more information visit or email

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