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We are always discovering new and better ways to do things every day. We went from faxing to e-mails to video chatting and online conference meetings. We went from printing out photographs to digital photography- filters and auto settings on our cameras. We went from paper forms to paperless business forms; we went from notepads to the notepad app. Books to kindle. We have pretty much shortened and maximized the efficiency of almost everything invented.

So obviously it makes perfect sense that SignTech would also do the same. Without further ado- Introducing to the world for the first time: SignTech Speedy Sign!

Normally I would start off by saying that this is an exciting time for us but today it’s more about you than us. Usually a paperless forms creation process involves you giving us an idea and us making the form based on that idea- the creative and executive power is in our hands for the most part. With SignTech speedy sign it’s a little different. Our role becomes something more of a guiding nature and we take care of all the uninteresting software behind the scenes stuff like storage and so on.

With SignTech speedy sign you get your forms faster than before and its pretty straight forward. Say for instance you get a PDF form that you have to sign. Normally you would print it out first the sign it and scan it and send it back either by e-mail or courier.

With speedy sign, naturally we completely negate the need for paper with a simple four-step paperless process.


  • When you receive a PDF to sign you can open it in SignTech
  • Once opened in SignTech you simply add text, add a legally binding signature (using the signature pad that automatically appears) and add the date
  • Click on the 'create PDF’ button and the document is instantly made into a PDF right before your eyes
  • You can then send the PDF as an email attachment


As for SignTech paperless, the boring storage stuff is taken care by us right away: The completed PDFs are stored on your device for future reference. Also, if you do not create a PDF straight away it is stored in your draft forms section.

This is a solution to the problem of wanting to sign any PDF document without actually printing it at all. SignTech is taking another step in the right direction for going completely paperless. Its simple, easy to use and extremely quick. Its… speedy?


SignTech Forms is an innovative paperless platform that converts existing forms and documents into paperless forms that can be completed on mobile devices and electronically signed seamlessly (with full data integration).  For more information visit or email

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