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A Smog Free Future?

Be still my heart but is it possible that we can actually shape the way our futue turns out, and even more possible that we are going in the right direction? Whenever I think about things like green and renewable energy another word comes to mind: Lost cause. That being said we are almost in the middle of 2015 and its looking like we might just have a chance. The new year brought new trends in green sustainable energy. Consumers were beginning to opt of eco friendly options not because they really cared, but because it was also a great way to save significant amounts of money in the long run (told you so).

Clean energy is just energy that give you power without all the nasty byproducts that would have come with it 50 years ago and even today. Things like, green house gas emissions. Wind, solar, biofuel and hydropower are good examples of clean energy.

Clean energy is crucial to things I have discussed long before in almost every single article I write. Stem climate change, saving money in the long run on things like bills and your overall health so you don’t inhale air pollutants or bathe with polluted and chemical ridden water and eat foods that have unnatural things that made them grow in them.

Clean energy is costing less and less as time moves on so now people are catching on to these trends of renewables, recycling, regular consumers go for clean options now because it costs less and companies are investing too. Google added $300 million to their investment in solar city. Coal plants ate closing and not being replaced and this makes me think, instead of focusing on the lack of progress why not focus on what we are doing right. And this year we are doing a lot right! So much and it is a good sign, no a great sign that we might just have a chance to turn things around in this lifetime.

So many companies are going paperless and opting for paper free solutions, like the bank of America cut their use of paper by about 50% by making small yet effective changes in the way they did things. Barclays bank intergrated SignTech Paperless forms into their business as well as multiple small companies and start ups. People are getting invested in the cause working for green companies, advocating for paperless reforms and blogging about it (like me) spreading the word and making changes in their homes. Its basically official. We are finally moving somewhere, obviously not our goal because lets be realistic, that is still far away but we’re getting somewhere.

So throw away that escape plan to the moon! The earth is here to stay, and we’re staying with it!


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