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Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Ideas

Now, your girl, or guy may not admit it, but there is a 99% chance that they are true romantics at heart. After all, they are not robots.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, many are looking to their partners with wide expectant eyes, hoping that you’ve planned some special grand Valentine’s Day scheme for the both of you to enjoy.

Report from the AppsWorld Exhibition in San Francisco - part 2

We didn’t have much time to be exhausted since in the morning of the second day another bunch of people arrived at our booth. A strong espresso solved the situation so we could continue where we halted the day before. During the day quite a few investors stopped by the SignTech booth and gave us a lot of positive feedback.

Report from the AppsWorld Exhibition in San Francisco - part 1

Our enthisuatic team took off from the heart of Europe towards the distant United States so we could demonstrate our paperless platform. The journey took a whole day and by the end of it we very exhausted.

Before the exhibition itself we had a little time to walk around the city. San Francisco is a beautiful city and the people are extremely nice.

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Effects Of Not Going Eco

I was having a discussion with a friend a little while back and from talking about school, and work, we moved onto the illuminati and then our “shared” hatred of hipsters. She said, “Their glasses, and their style of dressing and all that eco-stuff they talk about is just annoying.” I couldn’t own up to being a hipster myself, with a weakness for nerd glasses, and checked patterns, high-tops, and converse with skinny jeans ad of course, a love for the planet.

Apps that can help you go Paperless

When I talk about going paperless, I usually focus on companies and small businesses. Applications like sign tech were made for the businessman, or woman. But what about the stay at home mums, or dads, and the high school students? Luckily there are simple small solutions for going paperless as an individual.