What to look for in a document management system

A DMS (document management system), is a digital solution that allows you to manage electronic documents. Adopting a DMS can enable and empower your enterprise with their digital transformation. There are a variety of document management systems available, it’s important for your enterprise to find the best fit. SignTech Paperless Soltuons offers tailored solutions for a variety of industries and verticals. The SignTech digital office is an affordable, fully functional and customizable solution.

When considering a document management system for your enterprise, keep a lookout for these key aspects:

Cloud capabilities

Access to the cloud allows your employees and team members to collaborate on documents and projects remotely. Online document management systems have now become the norm in the industry, transition to a digital office with direct and transparent channels of communication.

Electronic signatures/ e-signatures

To improve the pace of your workflow, ensure that the DMS you select has the e-signature feature. Approve and review contracts, documents and more on the go. Your enterprise will be able to not only close deals faster, but track and trace relevant documents in real-time thus reducing administration costs and the possibility of errors.

An appealing user interface

Since your team members will be using the solution on a regular basis, it’s important that it not only simple but also enjoyable. The SignTech digital office is an easy to use solution, and simplifies the workflow and process involved. Since the solution can be customized you can also model the interface according to your needs.

Real-time updates

Track changes made to the documents in real-time. This allows you to review work at any given point. Administrators can also give selected individuals permissions, this ensures the security of the documents as well. Update information in a faster and more transparent manner, this saves your enterprise a lot of money and helps build trust.

Multimedia data

The SignTech document management system allows employees to upload a wider array of data including images, videos and animations and more. This allows for more comprehensive reporting, and gives access to more visual information. For example during field servicing, an employee can upload an image or video of a faulty machine.

Move to a paperless digital office with the SignTech document management system. The solution is reliable, secure, affordable and customizable. Adopt an effective DMS solution for your enterprise, and transform your workflow and the way you conduct business.