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The Worst Moments in Life

I’m going to be as honest with you as I possibly can. When I was younger, not so long ago, I worked for a company that did a lot of things. It was an architectural firm first and mostly and they did animated advertisements for different companies but I digress. During my internship at this company I think the singular worst moments I ever had there was when I was asked to look for some obscure document or the other. I am very sure that any office worker would be able to relate.

The company was relatively small so the filing system wasn’t perfect but oh my goodness… searching for a document that has been so vaguely described it could very well be every single piece of paper in that office and knowing you cant give up the search because this document is so important is the worst feeling I ever had while working there. There is something inherently evil about paper documents- one that I’m sure every office worker can relate to. The frustration of looking for something that you didn’t even loose is indescribable… its like you want to rip your hair out but you know that just wont solve anything.

Working with SignTech is a breath of fresh air. While at the paperless forms company I think I can count how many times I’ve had to work with paper on one hand. It sounds like an exaggeration but no its not. Any presentation, client meetings, articles even applying for the job- none of it required the use of paper. At our company paperless solutions are the norm.

When I see other companies that still have paper forms and paper slips I think to myself “clearly this is not the best alterative so why do people still use this?” The money, the time people think they’re saving- you’re not actually saving anything anymore. The cost of maintaining a paper-based system of operation i.e. file cabinets and floor space that could be used for other things is much more than what you would invest in an app like SignTech in the long run.

The truth is that if we did it properly we wouldn’t need to use paper for at least 95% of the things that we are doing right now.

With that said, I will just leave you with one question: Why do you still use paper?


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