What to look for in a document management system

A DMS (document management system), is a digital solution that allows you to manage electronic documents. Adopting a DMS can enable and empower your enterprise with their digital transformation. There are a variety of document management systems available, it’s important for your enterprise to find the best fit. SignTech Paperless Soltuons offers tailored solutions for a variety of industries and verticals. The SignTech digital office is an affordable, fully functional and customizable solution.

Contract Automation- Change the way you conduct business

Enterprises are embracing automation for a variety of business processes. Contract management has always been a critical aspect to an enterprises document management system. Enterprises that still use traditional paper-based methods are more prone to errors, inefficiency, and confusion. It’s a rather simple solution, that creates a wave of positive effects for your business. Contract automation directly reduces risk, and leads to improved transparency, efficiency, and revenue.

Automated digital office

List your product on the AWS Marketplace

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace has provided companies especially SMEs a platform to sell their software solutions. It has also supported AWS account holders in finding affordable, reliable and functional solutions for their enterprises by providing a wide array of options. It’s exciting news that SignTech Paperless Solutions has their Digital Office for Amazon listed on the AWS Marketplace! Here are some of the key benefits of having your product/solution listed on the marketplace:

4 advantages of using digital forms

Paperwork has been always been a hassle for businesses, ever industry uses forms to drive their workflow and regulate their processes. Enterprises find themselves drowning in paper, and spending an unnecessary amount on managing the paperwork. The SignTech Paperless Solution, allows your business to adopt a digital office with ease. Rid your business of the clutter of paperwork, and start creating digital forms while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Digital transformation lessons from the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has demanded that business adapt and adjust to the changing environment. Now having been nearly two years since the pandemic first broke out, businesses are now sharing insights and lessons they learned during the past two years. The pandemic has proven to us that enterprises need to be more resilient and the only way that is possible is if they are responsive, agile, and flexible. Some of the key learning for businesses from the pandemic are:

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