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Using Ecosia; 4 Months Later

Using technology to better the environment is one of the core values of SignTech paperless solutions. Our company itself started with the same motive- to better the work environment and the planet by changing things in the workplace- taking one step towards a paperless future one organization at a time. By replacing paper processes with our innovative paperless solutions we have helped numerous organizations go paperless in one aspect of their operations or another.

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The Launch of SignTech's Speedy Sign App

SignTech paperless solutions strives every day to make seamless and efficient workflow a reality for you.

SignTech Speedy sign is an initiative launched by our founder Leke Babalola with the support of our highly skilled IT team we’ve brought to you an app that will make completing and signing documents an easy process. It is made for individuals to complete and sign their PDF’s in one simple go.

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5 Things you (probably) didn’t know your iPhone could do

Technology has proven time and time again to be an integral part of our growth as human beings- influencing everything from our diet, to our infrastructure, our economy and even our climate. How we interact with the world is determined by technology.

The everyday object of the iPhone is now seen as so common that when we talk about new tech and advanced technology it doesn’t necessarily come to mind. After all we know everything there is to know about using our iPhone that it doesn’t feel like new technology anymore. Right?

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Your (slightly more) Eco-Conscious Morning Routine

In the lives of the working individual with a 9-5 no matter what kind of job that is, there is one thing that remains true consistent- your morning routine. From the moment you wakeup, shower, get ready for work, have breakfast (if you’re the type to eat in the mornings) drink your morning coffee, drive to work, hail a cab, call an Uber, take a bus/train to work and you get started on your day. You make decisions that affect the planet either positively or negatively. So how do we take this typical morning routine and make it slightly more eco-conscious?


SignTech Paperless Transformation Course

What is SignTech?

SignTech paperless Solutions is a company that takes paper-based processes such as filling out forms, signing contracts, inputting any sort of information into any sort of database and turns it into a seamless paperless process within your company and between your business and your customers.



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