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GDPR - SignTech's Paperless DPIA

Answering your Questions about the new General Data Protection Regulation


FDL's 3 Years with SignTech

There are times when you buy something, a product you think is valuable and worth the money you’ve shelled out for it, then when you start to use it you realise it it something worth so much more than the money you paid for it and in consequence you end up sticking with that product for years to come. Signtech forms is one of those products.

SignTech paperless forms provides an invaluable service to businesses that are serious about saving money, time, materials and the environment. FDL Generators is one of those businesses.

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Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas

It is just a day until Valentines day and it might have skipped your mind to get a present for your significant other. Oops. Well we at SignTech got you covered.

Last minute ideas and presents don’t have to mean mean half hearted and poorly done. Here are some last minute ideas that are still romantic enough to please your significant other.

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Your Year of Financial Fortune

Did you set any specific business goals for the chinese new year? Well, you still have time to think...

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Why Recycle?

Paperless, paper-free... Recycling. Just one of the many words that's always tossed around in the ’Eco-Friendly' community. “You’ve just got to recycle” they say. “Don’t waste, recycle”. However, many people don’t even know the point to this. So I throw my paper, plastic and glass in separate recycling bins, and then what? What does the earth have to gain? I'll answer these questions by sharing some of the many reasons why we need to recycle.


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