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Your Year of Financial Fortune

Did you set any specific business goals for the chinese new year? Well, you still have time to think...

February 16th marks the Chinese New Year, and 2018 is the year of the dog, predicted to bring good financial fortune to many of us. As a small - medium sized business owner, you might search for new ways to cut the costs or to maximize work efficiency. You are searching for ways to bring about good financial fortune to your business.

“According to the Chinese horoscope 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog 2018 is a good time for lifestyle changes. In other words, your hopes and dreams to finally quit smoking, change residence or start new business ventures can come through.

Even we have predicted good economic progress and fortune this year. For business owners who truly want this year to be one of good economic fortune for them, you would be thinking where to start?I will point out  a business area that can be especially interesting: digital transformation of your office by going paperless. Whether it’s the year of the dog, or the chicken, or the pig, we all search for options to cut the costs, and my number one piece of advice is that your business should go paperless. If you haven’t gone paperless what are you waiting for? It goes without saying that we’re transitioning into a paperless society, one where we don’t use cash anymore, books, newspapers, leaflets, cards and forms.

Lets play out a simple scenario for you. Say for instance you’re a personal trainer, and you’re working with people who made New Year resolutions to get fit and healthy, so you’re in high demand, business seems great. So, you want a client to signup for your personal training with a form where they can put in data like their weight and their age and whatever goals they have in mind and legal disclaimers you provide. Suppose you have a system where you e-mail this form as a PDF to the client, the client prints it, signs it and then sends it back to you by email. You need to enter all details into your database and arrange it in files in your system. You also can have the option where you’re printing forms for clients to sign at your office and then you either file it in a cabinet or scan it and put it in your database. This is how your clients signup for your personal training sessions. Sounds very time consuming and not so cost effective, doesn’t it?

This is where going paperless comes in, so let me take a fresh look at your data entry process. What if you had a system where your client downloads an app on his/her phone with your form already uploaded and ready to be signed, the client signs it electronically on their phone and sends it to you, with a direct access into your database, the form is securely stored without you having extra work to sort it out. And you can make this transition in less than four hours.

It sounds so much easier for you as a personal trainer. You don’t need to spend time arranging files. You don’t need to buy paper or a printer or printer ink. You don’t need to spend valuable time arranging your files on your computer yourself. You just need to pay for a single service that can do all this for you and it costs less than if you did it yourself.

This is what going paperless is about, convenience, saving money and also helping the environment. Why not check out what we have to offer, our app is trusted by numerous businesses from banks like Barclays, and Lloyds to small businesses. Go paperless with us and we can help you have a great Chinese New Year filled with financial fortune.


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