Digital eSignature Postal Service

New Innovation

The SignTech Digital eSignature Postal Service is designed to be simple and easy to use.  It allows you to send bulk or individual personalised mail to your customers, staff or anyone you wish to communicate with.

You get full tracking of your letter in real-time and can monitor its progress.  You will instantly know when the letter has been opened by the recipient. When there is an action to be completed by the recipient, e.g. complete and sign a document, you will be notified as soon as they have done so.

This unique service cuts your postage costs by up to 95% and is proving to be very popular with companies that need a quick and simple digital letter communication system.

This is a significant innovative solution from the company that introduced the unique paperless business forms technology to the world.

How It Works

Let’s make it real.  You want to send recorded delivery letters to all your staff and you need them to complete and sign a form with a legally binding signature (in this case it will be a digital eSignature).

Our service makes this process easy.  Simply upload an xls or CSV file with the names and email addresses of all the recipients of your letter. Upload a PDF of your letter template with the name left blank (as well as any other variable information unique to the recipient). Simply click a button and the letter template is personalised using the information from your xls. 

Each recipient gets their specific letter along with a unique ID code allowing them to open the letter.  Upon opening the letter, you receive a ‘proof of postage’ notification.  The recipient opens the letter on their Tablet, Smartphone or PC and instantly signs using a drawn legally binding signature.  You receive the electronic copy of the signed document whilst the recipient saves their copy locally or in the cloud.

This is a revolutionary service that is now being widely used and is saving organisations significant amounts of money.


The Electronic Signature (eSignature) aspect of the SignTech Paperless solution is unique in that it allows you to draw your signature and it is fully legally binding.  This differs greatly from the competitors such as DocuSign or Echosign who have an image of your signature saved.

On Premise

The SignTech Paperless platforms provides you with a fully private and secure on-premise solution (which you can also host in the cloud if you wish to).  This means no data whatsoever is processed by SignTech or any other 3rd parties and therefore addresses the vast majority of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation that other provides have to contend with.

Real-Time Analysis

The Digital eSignature Post service provides you with real-time data analysis and reporting so you can see how long it takes your users to open letters and communications as well as how long it takes them to respond. 

Further insightful information can be gathered such as knowing user behaviour and when they are most likely to respond to your messages.  This information will help identify the optimum time to send out communications in order to obtain the best response times and increase engagement.

Start Saving Today

You can purchase Digital Post Office Stamps in batches of 1,000.  Each cost 9p each and provides full tracking and signed for facility.  Sign up today and receive a 25% discount. You can see how some companies have made significant savings in this LinkedIn post.

Contact us today to set up an account and start saving money.