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Convenient and Fast

• Sign and send your documents any time and anywhere

• Rapid convertion of your forms to our digital forms for massive downloads

Secure and Legal

• We comply with the industry security standard

• Sign every document in person to make sure of  no fraud signatures

Time and Cost Saving

Our solution helps you save your time and money, improve your efficiency and productivity

Integration with your loved Apps

SignTech has integrated Salesforce to make your business easier; More integrations with partners will be available soon

We're not the only ones who are EXCITED about SignTech

Find out which pricing plan is right for you!

General Plan: This plan fits for all SMEs and your first form creation is offered. The more forms you buy, the cheaper the price!

API Plan: With this plan your business office workflow will evolve to a new realm; receive directly & instantly the form information in your database.

GDPR Plan: Don't take the risk to pay a €20m fines (or 4% ATO). See how 'Signtech Paperless Solution' can help you meeting GDPR requirments with flying colour.

Enterprises: Your organizations needs more forms, more users or even directly integrate 'Signtech Paperless Solution' technology within your own app and IT infrastructure? Contact us now for a better price!

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