SignTech’s Guide to Starting a Side Business [Part 2]

Is a side hustle really the thing for you?


Starting a small side business might seem easy and straightforward on paper (and it can be if you play your cards right) but the truth is that it can also be a little tricky and even overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing.


When we started SignTech paperless forms, we did our research and tried our best to prepare for every scenario we could think of but we still faced a lot of challenges along the way. Thanks to our team and a lot of hard work, we got through everything that we came across.

So yes, you may feel like your job just doesn’t cut it anymore financially, maybe it’s emotionally unfulfilling or just plain stagnant. Even if these apply to you, you still might not be cut out for having a side business because the truth is, having a side business can be very difficult to juggle with a full-time job if you’re not organized or hardworking. You’re going to be starting out alone, and you will need to handle all the problems on your own- this cannot be done without being business savvy.


So how do you figure out if starting a side business is the right thing for you? Simple: take a step back and think about your life and current work situation; what exactly takes up most of your time at work and how can you do that thing most effectively to free up a significant number of hours per day? If you can come up with a viable solution that gives you good breathing space then chances are starting a side business is for you. If you cannot figure out the answer to this problem then it speaks a little to your time management and problem-solving skills.

We would hate to demotivate anyone before they even start but it would not be fair not to warn you of some of the most important skills you would need to manage both occupations effectively which are time management, effective problem solving and multi-tasking. If you have these skills then you have a lot of what you need to starting a successful side business. On to the next step!


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