Start your paperless journey

How we help Real Estate professionals to achieve their targets?

Customised Digital Forms

Enable clients to sign any documents anytime, anywhere, on any device. Instant access to digital forms empowers the agents who can process administration with a client even outside of the office. Agile mobile workflow among agency and clients helps to move any projects faster.

Higher work efficiency for lower costs

While having documents signed faster, the agent can service clients sooner and at a lower cost. While improving customer satisfaction, the agency also save costs for print.

Reduction manual processing

Automatic workflows reduce the time agents spend with signing contracts, agreements, claims. No more chasing after signatures and correcting errors in documents.

Looking after legal compliance

SignTech Paperless Solution is here for agent to make sure that documents are completed in compliance with laws and industry regulations as well as being GDPR compliant.

Data security

Archive documents electronically for faster, easier and more cost-effective data storage and retrieval

Real Estate Form already use within SignTech Forms

Have a look and test out the real estate forms via our mobile app for FREE. Open the following URL on your mobile devices or browser to see and complete the forms

The above form are for demo purpose and therefore are not branded. After Signing-up you will be able to upload, digitse and use your own branded forms.